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The Horse Lover's Blog

Ask a Pro!

If you want good work done, ask a pro!
I love my Authors' Guild website, because it's affordable and because I could put it together myself. But I am so not a pro. Fortunately I'm related to one, my sister Martha Haas, a wonderful artist and graphic designer. In one Sunday morning session, while  Read More 
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American Girl gets creativity

American Girl really gets creativity.
Now that I can talk about Saige and her new books, what I most want to say is how much fun it's been. I loved the process from my first phone conversation with Erin Falligant. The creative team at American Girl is such a great bunch of smart, artistic  Read More 
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Dirty Weather

If your horse lives outdoors, this is the season when you might use a baling twine grooming mitt. (learn how to make one in HORSE CRAZY!) It's a simple project to knit, using something you're throwing away every day. Robin loves the scratchy texture, and it really knocks off the outer crust.
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Riding and Writing

Riding season is about over for me. I've gone from obsessed, and starting every day with a ride, to having to push myself to squeeze one in. In part I'm transitioning by writing a story that features a horse almost identical to Robin--so I'm still obsessed, just not getting as much exercise!
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Sign My Breyer's belly

A first for me--last week I went to a model horse show and signed my first model, with a Sharpie, on his belly. It was a fascinating scene that I would have loved as a kid. In my day, boys and girls, we clomped our models around on the floor and made up stories  Read More 
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What Happens at Pasture, Stays at Pasture.

What happens out at pasture, stays out at pasture. Last week Robin came in with a big egg on her leg and a couple of nearly invisible scratches on her nose. Over the next few days the scratches morphed into an ugly infection, and the egg on her leg (hey, sounds like a title!)  Read More 
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Big Party for the Big Book

We had a wonderful party for the Big Book--aka WESTMINSTER, VT., 1735-2000; TOWNSHIP NUMBER ONE. We enjoyed some Cava, drank toasts, and sold tons of books. I am not a mother, but I feel about that book the way I hear one does after childbirth. I love it but I'm a little dazed and  Read More 
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Keeping Barney

I'm thinking about Keeping Barney, my first book, and suddenly the one I'm hearing about from fans--young women now, who say it was an influential book for them. It was a long time ago for me, that book. I wrote it during my junior year at Wellesley, while taking a semester off and working  Read More 
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Who's Confused, Me or the Horse?

Trying to teach Robin to leg yield. To the right, no problem. To the left, not possible. I read my books (Mary Wanless, Sally Swift, everyone!), worked on my position, agonized. I also, in the barn, asked her to sidestep away from my hand on both sides. Click, treat, nicker. She was definitely less  Read More 
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Westminster, Vermont, 1735-2000

The Big Book, as it's long been called in Westminster Historical Society circles, is finally in our hands, and it is so beautiful. I feel quite detached from it; it looks like a lot of work to me, and I'm impressed with the author. Strange! I'm very aware of its imperfections, and the number  Read More 
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