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Chico's Challenge is here at last!

It's been a long haul, but CHICO'S CHALLENGE, my middle-grade novel about a young Quarter Horse, is finally out as a paperback and a model and book set. Chico was raised on a suburban ranchette; when he gets a new owner and moves out to the range, he's mystified and frightened by those strange animals with the sticks on their heads. But his new owner, Sierra, is dying to get into the cutting scene, and helps him overcome his fears--a little too well, it turns out. Can Chico make good on the ranch before his cow-chasing ways get him banished?

Chico is based on my sister Martha's Quarter Horse, Cody, who lives in Vermont and as far as I know has never chased a cow in his life. But he is beautiful, and a reliable and fun ride on our back roads.
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