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Editorial Services

Editorial Services

I offer the following editorial services:

a conference-style critique of the first 10-12 pages of a manuscript, plus synopsis

substantive edit of middle-grade and YA novels

line editing of middle-grade and YA novels

My goal with all editorial work is to empower you. I want you to feel excited about your next revision, with fresh insight and energy.
I edit chiefly for tension. Stories can feel slack for many reasons, including character development, lack of stakes, wordiness, lack of an ability to 'see,' information in the wrong order, telling when you could show, not telling when you really need to tell,(is there any end to the number of ways we can get it wrong?).
Luckily, all writing is rewriting. Getting those obstacles out of the way, tightening and making every detail count, can make your story sing, and can help an editor see it's potential.

Conference-style critique: 10-12 pages plus a synopsis, includes line and substantive edits on manuscript and an editorial letter, $75.00
Substantive & line editing:email me for an estimate. kjh@sover.net, use the word critique in the subject line
My goal is to keep this affordable, which may mean it makes most sense for me to do an intensive amount of work on a smaller section of your manuscript, a chapter or three. This may be all you need to get yourself moving again.


40 books of my own to brought to publication readiness

20 years leading an SCBWI critique group

15 years critiquing 5th and 6th grade manuscripts for the Maple Leaf Writing Contest

critiquing for SCBWI conferences and workshops

Golden Kite Honor Book
American Horse Publications Award for Books
Parents' Choice Gold Award
Gryphon Honor Book
Teacher's Choice Award
HornBook Fanfare
Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book
Bank Street Best Books
Junior Library Guild selections
State award lists including:
West Virginia


Author's Guild

Some sources of inspiration

Robin can be an alarming horse. I'm proud that I was able to train her.
Atherton, the Morgan horse I lost in 2009
My beautiful boy, River Echo Atherton
Irish Dexter cows on the home farm