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School visits

A school visit in the old days


I love visiting schools. You never know what question, and what answer, is going to make a student's eyes shine, and send him or her back to class eager to write. (Moot at the moment, thanks to the pandemic; I'm happy to talk with groups via Skype or Zoom.)

Some details:

* all grade levels, especially 3rd-6th grade
* all size groups, but preferably 30-40 kids at a time
* learn the bones of building suspense with my nonfiction book, Fire!
* create a new Bramble and Maggie story as a group
* Q and A with young writers

My fees are negotiable. Let's discuss how to work with your budget.

I frequently travel with my husband, children's author and energy educator Michael J. Daley. We offer a discount if you book us both. This allows schools flexibility in scheduling, as there is more author time to go around. Michael is great with pre-K through 2nd grade, so we often split the day that way.

Book sales are encouraged. To see what I have in print, click on Books at the top of the page and look in the right hand column, "What's in Print."

Contact me by email: kjh@sover.net