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Bramble and Robin, Maggie and Jessie: Horses Meet Girls

When I began BRAMBLE AND MAGGIE, now the first in a three-book series, I was just getting to know my new horse Robin. She most definitely had her "little ways." An unbroken three-year-old, Robin "didn't think poorly of herself," in the words of Cheryl Rivers, who bred her. I was heartbroken at losing Atherton, didn't want another horse, and we had some challenging years.

Now Robin is six, and I have to say, I never expected her to be this good a horse. She loves trail rides, never supposes that a stump is a crouching bear, and watched a turkey fly up the other day while barely flinching. (On the other hand, when I sniffled she nearly jumped out of her skin. Nobody's perfect!) And in BRAMBLE AND MAGGIE, SPOOKY SEASON, Bramble is coming through as the kind of horse who also takes care of a rider. I didn't create Bramble in Robin's image, or train Robin in Bramble's image, but there is a convergence.
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