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The Horse Lover's Blog

Spooky Season

Fall is a spooky season for horses and riders, with leaves crunching, squirrels behaving in a sinister fashion, the wind stirring things up--and if our horses aren't jazzed enough by all that, it's time to decorate our yards with terrifying effigies and put frightening costumes on ourselves and them.
I had a ball playing with our attitudes to fear in Spooky Season, and addressed more of the practicalities of trick or treat on horseback in Horse Crazy! Some of the safety rules include not going out on horseback after dark (unless you are in a safe neighborhood like Maggie's, and your protective dad is with you), using only child-safe products to decorate your horse and self, and incorporating a helmet into your costume.
Also, make sure that if your costume incorporates anything that makes unusual noises, like foil or plastic, your horse is well-trained to tolerate it. Share your treats, but not too many of them. Save some goodies for tomorrow--Maggie is better at that than Bramble is. Be brave, and rely on each other for support. And have fun!
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