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Uncle Daney's Way Is Coming Back!

Thanks to the Authors' Guild and iUniverse, Uncle Daney's Way will be back in print and available in a couple of weeks. This middle-grade novel, told in simple, accessible language, tells the story of Cole, a Vermont boy whose family suddenly has two new members--Mom's Uncle Daney, a crippled logger, and Nip, Daney's horse. The family can't afford to keep an enormous draft horse, but Uncle Daney isn't giving him up, and he has some novel ways of getting what he wants. Cole learns to harness a horse and skid logs; he also learns to do things the easy way rather than the hard way, to watch for an opportunity, and to seize it.
I remember well the Thanksgiving morning when Susan Hirschman called to accept Uncle Daney's Way. She called it "perfect," and loved the fact that it has no villains. (She also told me that Danny is spelled with two ns! I was happy to assure her that I hadn't meant Danny.)
Welcome back, Cole, Daney, and Nip!
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