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American Girl gets creativity

American Girl really gets creativity.
Now that I can talk about Saige and her new books, what I most want to say is how much fun it's been. I loved the process from my first phone conversation with Erin Falligant. The creative team at American Girl is such a great bunch of smart, artistic women, and they were so welcoming of my ideas. Among the ideas I got to bring into these stories are many things I've explored in nonfiction form in Horse Crazy!--clicker training, drawing and painting horses, rare breeds. So that book is out there if you want more on any of those subjects, and lots more! Horse Crazy! is chock-full of projects that almost anyone can do, and all kinds of information. (I look stuff up in it myself, and I wrote it!)
It's been a thrill to see Saige created in paints by Sarah Davis, and as a gorgeous doll by American Girl. What fun! Thanks to everyone who's been part of making this project soar.
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