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Robin Rocks

Wow! It's November already. I've checked off a book about a Quarter Horse--CHICO'S CHALLENGE will come out with Feiwel and Friends in early 2012, I think--a new Bramble and Maggie book for Candlewick, and I've substantially finished a book about the Westminster Massacre that will come out with History Press next year.
And Robin? The girl is completely beautiful, and when I get a minute with a high-speed connection I'll post a picture of her. I've ridden her at a walk, trot and (inadvertant) canter, also at a buck and through a slight rear. She doesn't hesitate to give me attitude when it seems good to her, and there are times when I envy the people with the sweet-all-the-way-through horses. Robin's got a bit of tang in her make-up. But I love her and respect her, never more than when she shows me her moves. Rocking-horse bucking, kicking up her heels, cantering in tiny circles around her hay pile. When I see what she can do, I really appreciate how patient and kind she's being with me.
Election was hard, but here in Vermont we elected Peter Shumlin governor--a guy I've battled with, yelled at over the phone, fought shoulder to shoulder with, and worked hard for. Go Pete!
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