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Riding Robin

This blog is a true picture of my life right now--I don't have time to write a blog! Why not? Well, I'm training Robin, a 4-year-old Morgan--and since I haven't ridden in over 2 years, the first rides took courage and creativity. I'm finishing the history of my town, an enormous project; finishing CHICO'S CHALLENGE, which will come out in a year or so with Feiwel and Friends; writing a second BRAMBLE AND MAGGIE book for Candlewick; revising "Princess Pony;" thinking about a book about Robin for Feiwel and Friends; writing a clicker training book for Storey; and once in awhile I clean my house or read something fun.
Favorite new passion; biochar. Invented by ancient Amazonian Indians, biochar is organic material charred at relatively low temperatures and incorporated into the soil. It fixes a third to a half of the carbon, for CENTURIES. It improves fertility, water-holding capacity, ph-balance. With the right set-up you get useful heat for home or cooking, potentially some gases for burning, and you take carbon out of the environment and put it somewhere safe and useful. This can solve climate change. Learn more at www.international-biochar.org.
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