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The Horse Lover's Blog

Wear Your Book

You write books to learn things. (Though sometimes you fool yourself into thinking you write them to teach.) One of the best things I learned writing Horse Crazy! is how much fun it is to play with decoupage. I use Mod-Podge; you can use other products, or mix white glue and water half and half.
Armed with this knowledge, fellow authors, you too can wear your book. I'm going to be signing books at NEIBA this weekend. I'll be carrying my Horse Crazy! book bag, made with Quick Fuse Inkject Fabric, and I'll be wearing a pin I just made out of a 2x2 print-out of my book cover, Mod-Podged onto a square of cardboard and stuck onto a pin-back. I wish I'd known about this years ago. Now I want to make pins of all my book-jackets, and wear them all like Girl Scout badges. And of course, I want to make portrait-pins of all my horses, past and present--and oh yeah, maybe my husband!
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