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The Horse Lover's Blog

First Signing

The first signing for Horse Crazy! was at the Book Cellar in Brattleboro, Vt, and it was very successful, thanks to the efforts of Kati Knapp at the store, and to my beloved eighth grade teacher, Winnie Vogt, who sent a couple of nice people my way. Everyone went home with their own personal piece of baling twine, and the ability to turn it into an emergency rope halter, which I learned in an excellent book by Heather Smith Thomas and borrowed for Horse Crazy. Basically, tie a small loop in one end of the twine; pass the rope around the horse's neck just behind the ears, and draw the free end of the twine through the small loop to make a nose band. Unless dealing with a draft horse, you should end up with a halter and a short length of rope to lead with.
We also drew horses, using the techniques in Horse Crazy, and it was fun to see people who said they couldn't draw come up with very credible horses. Lots of fun; thank you, Book Cellar!
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