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The Horse Lover's Blog

Hot Tip on a Cool Craft

The other day I set out to make a book bag to carry Horse Crazy! around in.
I used a product called Quick Fuse Inkjet Fabric Sheets, made by the june tailor company. They come in cream and white. I had cream, and got a cream canvas bag from Michael's to match. Set my book cover up on the computer to print, and --snarl!--the sheet would not feed through the printer for love or money.
I went on the website--www.junetailor.com--and discovered that this can be a problem in humid weather. There was also a tip--put masking tape on the leading edge of the sheet.
I waited for a crisp cool day, and put wide masking tape on the edge of the sheet. Wide tape is best because you can cover both sides of the sheet.
Lo and behold! It fed and printed beautifully. I let it dry over night, and the next morning centered it on the front of the bag and ironed it on. It looks great! Do be aware that the picture on fabric will be paler than on your computer screen.
My mom loved this bag. Now I know what I'm making her for Christmas!
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