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The Horse Lover's Blog

clicker challenge

Okay, here's a challenge for clicker trainers. I've been a bad blogger--look how long it's been. Do I call myself a bad blogger, or do I give myself a tiny treat for getting back into the saddle?
A few excuses; extensive barn renovations, followed by winter, Christmas, more winter...naah, no excuses. Robin is lovely, red and hairy, and is mellowing under the influence of Mare Magic, a raspberry leaf supplement. It's been either too slippery or too cold to do much playing with her, but I am working on Clicker Training for Kids, due out maybe next year from Storey. And Horse Crazy! won an award, the Teacher's Choice Award in the Family Category, given by learning magazine.
So now I've broken my long blogging silence; time for a piece of orange-flavored chocolate. I love clicker-training myself!
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