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Reaching the Animal Mind

I recently read the new book by Karen Pryor, the queen of clicker training. It's called Reaching the Animal Mind, and it gives an overview of clicker training, with the clearest writing on teaching a cue that I've ever seen. It also includes great training stories, and a look at Karen's fascinating and unorthodox scientific career. And the writing is terrific; clear and crisp, with the kind of simplicity that can only be achieved with a LOT of work. I loved it.
Karen is the proprietor of Karen Pryor Clicker Training, which has an excellent website. She also runs a conference that occurs twice a year--and I'm going in 2010! I'll be speaking at the Lexington, Kentucky, Clicker Expo, and fulfilling a lifelong dream to see the Thoroughbred country. Wheee!
Other than reading, I've been on vacation to North Hero, on Lake Champlain, visiting Jean and Gay Shaw in their wonderful shoreside quonset hut. And doing a little re-training with Robin, who suddenly developed (or amplified) a biting habit. Remedial clicker training; it works!
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