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The Horse Lover's Blog

Win A Prize

The first three people to post comments on this blog will receive hand-made and autographed Horse Crazy! pins. Why? It's a training exercise. I'm trying to train myself to blog more frequently, plus I want a good reason to play with glue and scissors. I need feedback and reinforcement, and I want to hear other people's horse stories. Let's talk!
Meantime, Robin. I sit on her frequently. It's one of her favorite lessons, actually. She nickers when she lines up at the mounting block, and we've progressed to wandering around a little. She doesn't necessarily get that she should walk forward, but I'm feeling much more relaxed with whatever she does. Afterward I'll be sitting at the computer wondering why I feel happy and excited (especially when nobody's sent me any emails) when I'll suddenly remember: Oh yeah. I just sat on Robin.
How does your horse (real or dream) make you happy?
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