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Starting Over

I'm horse crazy! I admit it! Oh, the relief of having it out in the open!
To the 92 of you who looked at my previous blog--both entries!--it's gone. I'm too busy to train Robin and write a book about her and blog about her too.
Instead I want to just talk about horses. Because with the publication of my new book, Horse Crazy!, I'm admitting it--I am seriously horse crazy, and it's time to just go with it. No more serious answers to the question, "Why do you write so much about horses?" I'm just horse crazy.
Example--this week I bought bells for Robin. There's a rhythm bead project in the book and I wanted to do it for my little princess. Ordinary cheap jingle bells would not do. The store with expensive jingle bells that sounded great closed before I could get back there. But the Indian store had beautiful brass temple bells. I stood there ringing them till I found just the right combination. It was probably very annoying.
Then I introduced them to Robin. Hung them up so she could ring them herself. Strung them around my own neck while I groomed and saddled her. Lunged her with them still on me. Finally, put them on her. And I think she liked it...but I'll let you know!
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