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The Horse Lover's Blog

Peppermints Rule!

I bought Robin a bag of peppermint candies yesterday, and already it's changed our lives.
She adores them! We are working on bridling, which up to now involved her weaving her head around and nipping. Today she knew peppermints were a possibility. After some typical behavior, suddenly she started shoving her nose into the nose band of her LG Bridle, and keeping it there. And when I clicked her she nickered--or chortled. It's kind of like an excited laugh. Her eye suddenly has the typical clicker horse softness, which I've been waiting for. A long time coming with her; she's a complicated little witch. But it's so moving when it happens. I just had tears in my eyes as I told the story to my husband.
So now she has her own candy jar, as well as personal jewelry. And as you'll know if you read Horse Crazy! (the book), peppermints are great medicine in case of minor tummy upsets.
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