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Help beginners onto that tall horse called Reading. Easy chapter books including Bramble and Maggie
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A picture book about the sweet science of maple sugar. Illustrations by Jos. A. Smith
History for children and adults
history for children and adults
Nonfiction horse books
Nonfiction horse books for children and adults
Horses from prehistory to today, our ecstatic and tangled relationship with them, and their powerful effect on history, explored in many kinds of poems. YA and As of all ages who love horses and histlry.
Middle-grade and YA novels
Saige, American Girl of the Year Chico's Challenge, Chase
My Stable
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"Any credible horse book must encompass the fact that horses are large, independent-minded creatures whose opinions sometimes diverge from those of their riders, and Jessie Haas has perfected the knack of balancing the horseís perspective with the humanís within the same narrative . . . "

Anita L. Burkham, "What Makes a Good Horse Book," The Horn Book, January 2014

It's Fall. The air is crisp, and Bramble (the horse) has fun pretending to be afraid of every crinkling leaf. Pretty soon that stops being fun for Maggie. (Why do they call it Fall?)
Then comes Halloween. Will their costume be pretty, or scary? And can Bramble and Maggie handle a trick-or-treat ride full of pumpkins and ghosts?
Spooky Season explores pretend fear, real fear, and the power of treats over horses and humans, in an easy reader format.
"Clear, lively prose and soft, expressive gouache illustrations (Alison Friend) combine for a Halloween friendship story." Horn Boo, 2014

"...shows young readers that you can be a little afraid as you face your fears. Readers will be able to easily connect to Maggie as they have to be patient with the many new things in their lives as well. They will also relate to Bramble, who likes to be contrary until she feels comfortable with a situation. This fits beginning readers to a T. They can be a bit squirrelly on occasion too." Jeff Berger,

A Junior Library Guild selection

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My novels dating back to the 1980s are available from Open Road Media as ebooks.
The Beware books
the Barney books
Westminster West
The Sixth Sense
Skipping School
Uncle Daney's Way
Hoofprints: Horse Poems.

Saige loves art, horses, and her grandmother Mimi. But on the first day of classes in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she discovers that this year her school won't have art. Mimi, an artist, is planning a fundraiser to help raise money for after-school-classes, but when Mimi is injured in an accident, Saige has to carry on with the fundraiser, with the help of old and new friends and a wonderful artistic horse named Picasso.

"When Uncle Daney got out of the hospital, there was no place to put him but the barn." In a tightly built stall that's nicer than the trailer where Cole and his family live, but Cole is worried. Uncle Daney is a logger. Loggers have a rough reputation. What if this guy isn't pleased?
But Uncle Daney turns out to be a sweet little cricket of a man, in a wheelchair. What Cole should have worried about is the gigantic logging horse Uncle Daney brings with him. How can the family afford to keep Nip? This middle-grade novel on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award list, and Texas Bluebonnet Award list. Also available as an ebook.


The history of my hometown, a project of the Westminster Historical Society, with an introduction by Governor Peter Shumlin.

Westminster got its first charter from Massachusetts in 1735, making it the oldest chartered town in Vermont. It was the site of the Westminster Massacre, the first fatal conflict of the American Revolution. Vermont declared independence form New York at Westminster, which also hosted the first Vermont printing press. Our first newspaper was printed here, as well as our first paper currency; later the same afternoon, Vermont's first counterfeiting case commenced. Through the centuries Westminster has produced silk, tobacco, wool, fruit and vegetables, and Vermont's first aged sheeps' milk cheese.

2009 Teacher's Choice Award, Children's Category
2009 American Horse Publications Award

How horse-crazy are you? Would you crochet a saddle blanket? Knit a curry comb? Do you like to draw horses, read horse books, watch horse movies, and of course, ride ride ride? HORSE CRAZY is for you. Over 400 pages of facts and fun, with pictures on nearly every page.

"...a thrilling ride."
New York Times Book Review

A Junior Library Guild Premier Selection
Kliatt (starred review)says, "(Haas) really outdoes herself with this one. Scary and challenging...This is fine historical fiction, with suspense on every page and a courageous young man who is quite a hero.
ALA Booklist says, "Haas writes gracefully and evocatively of boy, horse, and desperate men...a thrilling tale with many opportunities for discussion.
SLJ says, "...the story moves at the same fast pace as the horse and unknown rider...Dialogue and characterization are tops here."
Kirkus says, "...the action and nuanced writing carry the reader pell-mell to a wholly believable end. Haas's best yet for older readers."

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Master List (Vermont)
New Mexico Land of Enchantment Award Master List
Georgia Children's Book Award Master List

Jessie Haas
367 Lettieri Road
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Ask me about work-for-hire. I've done projects ranging from advocacy pamphlets to corporate blogging, to town history, to children's fiction.

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