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The Horse Lover's Encyclopedia
Bramble and Maggie books
Four early readers about a horse and her girl
Early Readers
Help beginners onto that tall horse called Reading. Easy chapter books including Bramble and Maggie
Picture Book
A picture book about the sweet science of maple sugar. Illustrations by Jos. A. Smith
History for children and adults
history for children and adults
Nonfiction horse books
Nonfiction horse books for children and adults
Horses from prehistory to today, our ecstatic and tangled relationship with them, and their powerful effect on history, explored in many kinds of poems. YA and As of all ages who love horses and histlry.
Middle-grade and YA novels
Saige, American Girl of the Year Chico's Challenge, Chase
My Stable
e-books and out-of-print editions


Nonfiction books about horses

The 2000 edition, completely revised and updated with full-color photographs throughout, will be released by Storey Publishing in March 2017.

It will have a new cover, but meanwhile this one is pretty.

Storey Publishing, ISBN 978-1-60342-154-6
Do you love horses?
Do you like art?
Do you need an idea for a school project that's all about horses?
Do you have a horse and need ideas of fun things to do with him?
Do you not have a horse, and still want to do things with horses?
Do you want to learn about photographing and drawing horses?
Do you just want to curl up with 375 pages about your favorite subject?
Then Horse Crazy! is the perfect book for you.
Horse Crazy! delivers a history of horses, information about handling, riding, and taking care of horses, and an introduction to many horse sports (including newer sports like Cowboy Mounted Shooting and modern chariot racing). Book and movie reviews, games, crafts, and tips on turning every homework assignment into a horse project, as well as a horse-lovers life list, round out the book.
Paperback, ages 10-up.

Horse Crazy! won an American Horse Publications award in 2009.

Storey Publishing, no longer in print
The first book about safety for horse and rider, this book was used as a teaching tool by the United States Pony Club.