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Four early readers about a horse and her girl
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Help beginners onto that tall horse called Reading. Easy chapter books including Bramble and Maggie
Picture Book
A picture book about the sweet science of maple sugar. Illustrations by Jos. A. Smith
History for children and adults
history for children and adults
Middle-grade novel
Horses from prehistory to today, our ecstatic and tangled relationship with them, and their powerful effect on history, explored in many kinds of poems. YA and As of all ages who love horses and histlry.
Middle-grade and YA novels
Saige, American Girl of the Year Chico's Challenge, Chase
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School visits/Teacher Resources

At the Mater Christi school in Burlington, Vt.
I love visiting schools. You never know what question, and what answer, is going to make a student's eyes shine, and send him or her back to class eager to write.
Some details:

* all grade levels, especially 3rd-6th grade
* all size groups, but preferably 30-40 kids at a time
* learn the bones of building suspense with my nonfiction book, Fire!
* create a new Bramble and Maggie story as a group
* Q and A with young writers

My fees are negotiable. Let's discuss how to work with your budget.

I frequently travel with my husband, children's author and energy educator Michael J. Daley. We offer a discount if you book us both. This allows schools flexibility in scheduling, as there is more author time to go around. Michael is great with pre-K through 2nd grade, so we often split the day that way.

Book sales are encouraged. To see what I have in print, click on Books at the top of the page and look in the right hand column, "What's in Print."

Contact me by email:

Teacher Resources

Cinnamon and his brother--because maple sugar isn't the only thing that's sweet!


Hi Jessie,
It was wonderful to have you. The older students went into their room and immediately started writing. One male student started writing poetry and said he was excited to play around with words! It was truly a wonderful experience. We all thank you for making the trip.

I loved what you said about us country folks having a unique story to share. The kids were incredibly inspired by you.


Courtney Perkins
Dover Elementary School
4th Grade Teacher

Dear Jessie and Michael,
We enjoyed your visit so much! It was such a treat to have both of you. I liked the contrast in your writing styles and how you work. During this week since your visit, I've had a conversation (I like the way you framed your visit!) with each class about your talk and had them write reflections on what they learned about writing and how they see themselves as writers and readers. Their responses made it clear that having an author visit definitely has a big impact on them. Your conversational style gave them an opportunity to actually talk to you. It also influenced my lessons that followed."
Fleming School, Essex Jct., Vt.

"Thank you very much for coming to Chamberlin. You took so much time--everyone really appreciated it. Your small book groups were just great."
Chamberlin School

"I can't thank you enough for attending our book fair! The parents and kids are still talking about it!!"
Dummerston Elementary School

"Thanks so much for starting off our literacy week with a bang! The children loved having you as a V.I.R and many have the "Jessie Haas fever"!
Westminster Center School

With the great folks at the International Balloon Museum in Albuquerque


About A Writing Project

I've written:
stories to go with stuffed animals
novels for two established series
pamphlets for an advocacy organization
local history for a historical society

I work hard, hit deadlines, and always strive for high quality. If you have a project in mind, let's talk. kjh@​

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