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Horse Crazy!

Horse Crazy!

If you love horses, you'll love Horse Crazy. Decorate your room. Make a pair of horse hair earrings. Use your models to learn how to draw and photograph horses. Learn exciting horseback games, amazing details of horse history, and get to know some unusual breeds. Horse Crazy is for girls who are totally smitten with our most important animal partner, and want to know everything about them. Perfect for middle grade students looking for appropriate nonfiction to meet the new core curriculum standards.

Pure fun for horse lovers; horse crafts, horse lore, book and movie reviews, horse history, horse sports, horse breeds, and lots of ways for the (temporarily) horseless to use their horse models--well, models!--as they learn to draw, paint and photograph their favorite animal.

Use Chico to learn to draw and photograph horses.

Horses are difficult artists' models. Just as you're getting somewhere on a drawing, they move--and they're wizards at making dumb expressions just as you snap a photo.
Models make better models. Set one of your horses--Picasso or Chico--on a table, and draw him from many angles. If you're having trouble getting started, there are lots of tips in HORSE CRAZY!


If you love horses and art, you'll like Saige Copeland, who is crazy about both. Girl of the Year 2013, from American Girl.

Saige Paints the Sky

To get what you need, sometimes you have to speak up and take action. Saige organizes a protest at her school, and gets to ride the beautiful horse Georgia. But is she falling in love with a horse that's soon going to be sold?