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The Horse Lover's Encyclopedia
Bramble and Maggie books
Four early readers about a horse and her girl
Early Readers
Help beginners onto that tall horse called Reading. Easy chapter books including Bramble and Maggie
Picture Book
A picture book about the sweet science of maple sugar. Illustrations by Jos. A. Smith
History for children and adults
history for children and adults
Middle-grade novel
Horses from prehistory to today, our ecstatic and tangled relationship with them, and their powerful effect on history, explored in many kinds of poems. YA and As of all ages who love horses and histlry.
Middle-grade and YA novels
Saige, American Girl of the Year Chico's Challenge, Chase
My Stable
e-books and out-of-print editions

My Stable: e-books and out-of-print editions

When Harriet is orphaned in a horse and buggy accident, she has nowhere to go but the hill farm where her father grew up, and to Aunt Sarah who has always disapproved of her mother. Her dislike is immediately transferred to Harry, who feels exactly the same about Aunt Sarah. Harry's only way to get back to the school she loves, far down in the valley, is to train the unbroken colt her mother left her. When that goes badly wrong, family secrets are revealed that show Aunt Sarah's true nature, and change Harry's future.

"...a wise and satisfying novel." New York Times Review of Books

"Haas's exquisitely crafted prose is the driving force in this heartfelt story of family ties." Publisher's Weekly

Parents Choice Gold Award
Publisher's Weekly Best Book
A White Raven selection

Open Road Media, e-book, ISBN 9781497662568
A novel about an arsonist in my home town

To Sue Gorham, life in Westminster West isn’t fair, not at all. It isn’t fair that she has to do most of the backbreaking chores on their Vermont farm while her sister, Clare, gets to take exotic vacations with their wealthy aunt. It all started when Clare, who’s a year older than Sue, got sick. That was three years ago. Now, Clare is a chronic invalid too fragile to leave the house. One day Sue finds a diary in the attic, written by her father after he came home from the Civil War. After reading it, Sue suddenly falls ill. The sisters switch places as Sue becomes bedridden and Clare takes over her chores. That is, until the arsonist who’s been burning barns in their close-knit parish community strikes again—and this time, it’s the Gorham farm.

Based on real-life incidents in the author’s hometown, Westminster West vividly recreates rural life during the 1800s as it tells a moving and intriguing story of family, community, and sibling rivalry.

This ebook features a map and a historical afterword from the author.

“Haas’ writing is sure, and she makes both story and characters complex but not too complicated for readers.” —Booklist

“Provocative historical fiction.” —School Library Journal

“A thought-provoking story of the expectations of men and women after the Civil War.” —Kirkus Reviews

Keeping Barney, written when I was a twenty-year-old, is the story of horse-loving Sarah, who gets the chance to keep feisty, furry Barney over the winter while his owner is in college. Barney isn't the Black Stallion, or any of the other horses from the books Sarah loves, wild and gorgeous and obedient only to her. He's greedy, willful, and takes full advantage of Sarah's lack of knowledge--so of course, she falls deeply in love with him, knowing all the while that he is someone else's horse.

Keeping Barney was on several Children's Choice award lists, including Vermont's Dorothy Canfield Fisher list.

The sequel, A Horse Like Barney, also available from Open Road.

When Gramp first brings home the little bay mare, she seems perfect for Lily, who has outgrown her pony. But why is the mare called Beware? 'Don't fall in love with her until we know she's not dangerous,' Gramp warns, but of course, it's far too late. Lily is already in love.

All 4 Beware books available as e-books from Open Road

Interlinked short stories about people and their animals, including characters from Working Trot and The Sixth Sense. Illuminates the powerful, enduring bond between animals and their humans.

"Will leave readers with a lingering sense of excited discovery, and of widening horizons." School Library Journal

Working Trot and Skipping School also available from Open Road

The books below are no longer in print. Many are available directly from me. For autographed copies email me: kjh@​

Great pictures by Margot Apple
"When I'm older I'll have a horse farm. All kinds of horses will live with me.
Spotted Appaloosas. Arabian steeds.
A big blonde Belgian will be my buddy. I'll brush him and bridle him and ride him bareback."

An alphabet for horse lovers, with horses from A to Z--and yes, horse lovers have a great x-word!

Copies available from me.
Horse story,
My story,
Your story."

The history of the world, and it's all about horses. (Didn't you always kinda know?)
It's available from Open Road, but the hardcover published by Greenwillow is beautiful to hold. I still have copies available.

Long before Saige (American Girl) was the first doll to have her own clicker, Shaper (a Golden Kite Honor book) was the first YA novel to center on clicker training.

Greenwillow Books, cover by Deborah Lanino

HarperCollins Publishing, cover by Wendell Minor