Jessie Haas

Award-winning Children's Author


The history of horses in 104 original poems

Hoofprints will be available as an ebook from Open Road Integrated Media this fall.

I support the carriage horses of New York.

""Global Warming:
What Survives Is Also Beautiful

When you are thinking of ice melting,
Of seasons heating, of sands spreading,
When your heart despairs at beauty ending,
Hug your pony.

Out of rain forests drying and shrinking,
Over the lost lands rising and drowning,
Past ice reaching and ice withdrawing,
Came your pony.

Formed by changing that looked like ending,
He can't see what the future's bringing,
But around corners he's come galloping.
Hug your pony."



Sarah longs for a horse of her own. Her parents aren't sure she's ready for the responsibility, but Sarah gets a chance to prove herself by taking care of willful Barney while his owner is at college. Barney is a far cry from Sarah's romantic dreams, but soon she falls helplessly in love, setting herself up for heartbreak.

I wrote this book before I was twenty, straight out of a 15-year intensive study of horse books. It was on Vermont's Dorothy Canfield Fisher list, and I've lately begun hearing from young women who grew up reading it. It's an honor--and a reminder of how time flies!

Many paperback copies available.


Early Readers
children's fiction
A two-book series for children age 9-up who love horses, art, and hot-air ballooning.
middle-grade nonfiction
Horse crafts, lore, book and movie reviews, sports and more; for kids who have horses and kids who don't (yet).
Out of print books for readers of all ages.
Six million years of the history of horses, in a hundred-plus poems; a VOYA Poetry Pick.
A novel of love and dog-training; a Golden Kite Honor Book
Harry and her young horse are orphaned in the same accident, and sent to live on a hill farm with stern Aunt Sarah. Can Harry train the wild colt and return to school? And can she and Aunt Sarah ever love each other?
Picture Book
Gramp and Nora make maple syrup, and Gram makes a surprise Nora can share with the horses. A story about the sweet science of maple sugar. Illustrations by Jos. A. Smith

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